CD review BLACK VIPER ‘Hellions on Fire’

(8/10) It’s not that often that something else than black metal hits the plate when it comes to new releases from Norway. I’m not that much aware of many thrash- and speed metal band hailing from there, but here is one.

Black Viper has its home base in Oslo and releases a first album mid-September this year. The band started as a solo project back in 2012 when drummer Cato Stormoen began to write songs. He was inspired by more traditional metal and the songs he wrote didn’t really fit to Deathhammer, a band he’s part of also.

Things didn’t proceed in a fast fashion and it took till 2016 to release a first demo, entitled ‘Storming with Vengeance’. With having a band in place, Black Viper gained shape and form much faster.

Six years after the first signs of life the debut will see the light of day. ‘Hellions of Fire’ is the title of Black Viper’s first release and the album became great. Being grown up with bands like Savage Grace and Agent Steel gave me an immediate feeling of wow. As mentioned, the band is into traditional metal which is mainly done with full speed. Massive riffs and a breathtaking speed is what this album is about. On top of it there are the vocals of Salvatore Armijo, a guy that’s a real metal siren. Especially the high pitch screams reminded me of the legendary John Cyriiis.

Songs you should check out are the puristic ‘Freedom’s Reign’ with interesting tempo changes. The title track gives you good idea too of what to expect from this release. In case you want to listen to something that’s more mid-tempo I can recommend the pounding ‘Quest for Power – The Fountain of Might’, which is a quite melodic song also.

‘Hellions of Fire’ shows again High Roller Records’ good sense for well-crafted metal from the underground. Black Viper is a good example for how much quality and passion is still around in metal. These guys play genuine metal that’s solely steered by the band’s passion and willpower. A strong debut.





  1. Hellions on Fire
  2. Metal Blitzkrieg
  3. Quest for Power – The Fountain of Might
  4. Storming With Vengeance
  5. Susperia
  6. Freedom’s Reign
  7. Nightmare Mausoleum (The Sleeper Must Awaken)


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Speed Metal

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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