CD review THE UNITY ‘Rise’

(8/10) It was a year ago when German-Italian metalers The Unity debuted with a self-titled album. The Unity is the brainchild of two Gamma Ray members, Henjo Richter and Michael Ehre. The debut received very good feedback, from media and fans, with some touring activities helping the band to establish themselves in the German metal scene.

Having had success with the debut created hunger for more and the band wanted to make use of the momentum. In this context, song writing went rather quickly and the new longplayer is ready and available on September 14th. Having had such a good start the title of the new record could be anything else than ‘Rise’, summing up the band’s journey up to date in a good way..

‘Rise’ comes with 13 new power metal songs, each of them being also equipped with a solid portion of melodies. The Unity had to face some time pressure during the recording since the band got the chance to tour with guitar wizard Axel Rudi Pell in October this year. Not willing to let go this opportunity challenged everybody’s agenda. The sophomore album needed to be ready in time and the guys succeeded. Being The Unity, the band focussed and approached all activities in a united way. What was a hurdle in the beginning became a motivating factor over time. I think the limited availability of time also helped the vitality of ‘Rise’, since things have been done to the point, without having the chance of overdoing the recording and production.

The new longplayer is a continuation of what the band kicked-off a year ago. Powerful and melodic metal anthems is what ‘Rise’ is about and it’s more the small evolvements rather than big changes that make this album to a really good one.

It’s a short intro entitled “Revenge’ that kicks-off the album and it is ‘Last Betrayal’, giving direction when it comes to ‘Rise’. Great hooks, a lot of drive, excellent guitar solos and superb vocals characterize the song that is representing the album very well.

And on it goes. ‘You Got Me Wrong’ is kept in a darker vibe, still being very melodic. It’s a sing along chorus that makes this tune to a memorable one and it’s ‘The Storm’ that unveils the catchy sing structures of The Unity even more. The great thing with the album though is the fact that it never drops. The songs in ‘Rise’ are melodic and easy to grasp, but never end up in boring simplicity. This is mainly since there is so much musical savvy that comes with The Unity, which helps to give songs the attractiveness, but also heaviness needed.

Basically you can drop the needle of your record player wherever you want. It will always be a delightful moment of melodic metal you get back in return. Next to the mentioned tracks I also can recommend ‘No Hero’ with power chords being more in the forefront and it’s ‘Children of the Light’ that shifts gears. The uptempo track reminds me of Rainbow in the Joe Lynn Turner era, at least in parts. The last spot on the tracklist belongs to ‘Better Days’, being another melodic metal anthem that rounds of a good album in a perfect fashion.

‘Rise’ is as strong as the debut and in case you liked ‘The Unity’ you don’t need to think twice. You will like the new album too. The rise of The Unity just started and let’s see what time will tell. This band came to stay.





  1. Revenge
  2. Last Betrayal
  3. You Got Me Wrong
  4. The Storm
  5. Road to Nowhere
  6. Welcome Home
  7. All That Is Real
  8. No Hero
  9. The Willow Tree
  10. Above Everything
  11. Children of the Light
  12. Better Day
  13. L.I.F.E.


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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