(7/10) If you haven’t had the chance to see the recent blood moon that rose a few weeks ago you can mitigate the disappointment by listening to the EP of a band called Bloodmoon. OK, I agree. This was a weird start into a review but anyhow.

Bloodmoon is a Dutch quintet, hailing from Arnhem and the guys are very much into death metal. They spice it up with some thrash elements and a death’n’roll groove, which all together leads to a quite remarkable first EP.

Already the title of this release stands out and is rather complicated to keep in mind. It’s ‘XXXI-I-MMXVIII’ (31.1.2018), a date when a bloodmoon could be watched. The mini disc comprises of 7 tracks, all of them not having an epical length. Bloodmoon abstains from long filigree solo parts and instead unleashes the sonic steamhammer. This album lives by the power of riffs and rhythm by not compromising too much on melody, a fusion that works well one the CD and even better on stage.

‘XXXI-I-MMXVIII’ is a well-done first EP that hits you from the underground. It’s the genuine mindset of Bloodmoon that drives this album and since the band is working on new songs as we speak, a full-length debut might hit the shelves not too long away from now.





  1. Hellsmouth Cliff
  2. Bloodmoon
  3. Killer Clown
  4. Living Incarnation of all Evil
  5. Death by Diarrhea
  6. Religion is War
  7. Ritual Cannibalism


Label: Self-released

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: June 15th, 2018

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