CD review THE VINTAGE CARAVAN ‘Gateways’

(10/10) It’s amazing what Island has in its offer. Not only that they have an awesome soccer team and an impressive nature, Island also has a very vital music scene. This time it’s classic rock passionistas The Vintage Caravan that added a new longplayer to their musical vita, an album that screams for attention.

‘Gateways’ is album number four of the trio – and it’s a terrific one. Not only since yesterday it’s classic rock that faces a revival. Over the last years more bands jumped on the retro train, but it’s these three-piece band that belongs to the spearhead of the booming genre.

‘Gateways’ is a blast from start to end. I must say that I always had the band on my radar, but never made an effort to get deeper into their music, a fact that will be changed by this awesome album. ‘Gateways’ features ten outstanding tracks that blew me away already while listening to the album for the first time, something that rarely happens.

‘Set Your Sight’ is the opener and it’s the first moment that wows. Perfect melodies meet a classic guitar sound meets a grooving beat – that’s the opener. What even increases excitement is the untamed solo part in the last third of the song. Things get wild and furious, unveiling the entire beauty of rock’n’roll.

What I wrote about the opener basically goes for each of the tunes on ‘Gateways’. The gently rocking ‘The Way’, the bit slower ‘All This Time’ and the psychedelic ‘Nebula’, each of them is a great song you shouldn’t miss. The cliche phrase of ‘no filler, just killers’ was seldomly more true than when it comes to The Vintage Caravan’s new album. There is no weak spot in this batting order. All ten songs are straight strikes and it’s the bluesy closer ‘Tune Out’ that rounds off the album in a great way After the last tone faded away you find yourself standing there with your mouth wide open and you just want to press the ‘Play’-button again.

I hardly ever rate an album with 10 points, but this album deserves every single point. If you ask me, I don’t know how you can interpret and play contemporary classic rock in a better way. Just awesome and it’s a pure pleasure listening to this album. Thanks you The Vintage Caravan.





  1. Set Your Sights
  2. The Way
  3. Reflections
  4. On the Run
  5. All This Time
  6. Hidden Streams
  7. Reset
  8. Nebua
  9. farewell
  10. Tune Out


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: August 31st, 2018


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