Music On Vinyl re-releases VENDETTA debut

Go and Live… Stay and Die is the debut album by the German trash metal band VendettaAfter their formation in 1984 they started working on this album full of killer riffs and phenomenal choruses. The tracks that runs for over 6 minutes develops from soft and acoustic passages to energetic technical metal sounds. It gives a good impression of what the Germans had to offer in the popular trash metal music of the late 80s. Guitars, drums and vocals are dominant on the album and together showing the quality and aggressiveness of their sound. It’s a real shame that this band didn’t get the credits during their active years, but this is the change to make everything right.

Go and Live… Stay and Die is available as a first pressing of 500 individually numbered copies on red vinyl.      
Side A
1. Suicidal Lunacy
2. Go And Live… Stay And Die
3. Traitors Fate
Side B
1. System Of Death
2. Drugs And Corruption        
3. Revolution Command
4. On The Road


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