WARRANT’s ‘The Enforcer’ will be re-issued

Warrant is a German speed metal band which released their debut LP The Enforcer back in 1985. At that time they didn’t get much attention in the German music scene and the popularity of the few years later formed hair metal band of the same name didn’t help either. They’re defining speed metal again in the 3/4 minute songs. Aggressive drumming and fast-paced riffs and the heavy production set them apart from the better known German metal artist from that time, like Helloween and Blind Guardian. The mind blowing solos and fun songs are heavy and subtle. It’s one of those records which is pushed away by the many records that appeared at that time in the metal circuit, but is really worth to have in your collection.

The Enforcer is available as a limited edition of 666 Individually numbered copies on solid blue, black & white mixed Vinyl.
Side A
1. Intro
2. The Rack
3. Ordeal Of Death
4. Nuns Have No Fun
5. Send Ya’To Hell
Side B
1. The Enforcer
2. Betrayer
3. Die Young
4. Torture In The Tower
5. Cowards Or Martys

RELEASES 24th AUG 2018

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes Insert
  • Limited Edition of 666 Individually Numbered Copies on Solid Blue, Black & White mixed Vinyl

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