CD review BEYOND THE BLACK’ Heart of the Hurricane’

(8/10) Beyond The Black surely belongs to the shooting starts, gaining a lot of fans over the last years. The band, that debut with ‘Songs of Love and Death’, could score some successes during the last four years. Already the premier album went right into the charts and it was the sophomore ‘Lost in Forever’ the even cracked the Top 5. In Germany.

After a fruitful first album the band had to face a first critical moment when singer Jennifer Haben and band members parted ways. Haben continued with Beyond The Black, while some discussion started about the band becoming a sort of casting band. However, at the end of the day Jennifer Haben found new band members and it’s the entirely renewed line-up that recorded the band’s third album ‘Heart of the Hurricane’.

The new record comes with a playing time of more than hour, divided into 15 songs. After having listened to ‘Heart of the Hurricane’ several times I can report that it’s a seamless continuation of what started in 2014. Melodic metal tracks, fronted by a good singer, is what this album is about.

Songs I think you shouldn’t miss are the fulminant title track, belonging to the heavy outbursts on the album. Melodic vocals and crunchy guitars are the main ingredients for this tune and perfectly presents Beyond The Black’s passion for heavy sounds. As a counterpart, the album comprises of some calmer moments of which the atmospheric ‘Escape from the Earth’ is one of. It’s, together with the dramatic ‘Breeze’, one of the ballads on ‘Heart of the Hurricane’.

These calmer tunes are well crafted, but it’s the power songs that can unfold more pleasure. ‘Fairytale of Doom’ and the racing ‘Freedom’ are two examples of heaviness benefiting the album.

There are quite some bands being busy in the same fields of melodic rock. The first one that comes to my mind is Dutch powerhouse Delain. There is some competition out there for Jennifer Haben and her band. ‘Heart of the Hurricane’ is good enough to handle the competition and fans of female-fronted melodic metal will like what they get offered by Beyond The Black. In one or another way it’s like everything stays as it was. Good songs, big melodies, a certain level of heaviness and Jennifer Haben with an excellent voice as the most crucial asset. ‘Heart of the Hurricane’ might not be earth-shacking, but there is also far more energy in the album than in the eye of an hurricane where it’s basically no wind at all.





  1. Hysteria
  2. Heart of the Hurricane
  3. Through the Mirror
  4. Million Lightyears
  5. Song of the Godless
  6. Escape from the Earth
  7. Beneath a Blackened Sky
  8. Fairytale of Doom
  9. My God is Dead
  10. Dear Death
  11. Scream for Me
  12. Freedom
  13. Breeze
  14. Echo from the Past
  15. Parade


Label: Airforce 1 Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: August 31st, 2018


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