CD review STONEMAN ‘Geil und elektrisch’

(5/10) Stoneman started in 2004 and released five longplayers from then till now. The band started with in the fields of dark rock before they shifted their music towards Neue Deutsche Härte – which is actually not that new anymore. Their newest album ‘Geil und elektrisch’ marks another leg on this journey, featuring 12 new songs.

What’s really exciting with this album? Actually not that much. The band walks on well-known territory. Combining metallic riffs with a solid groove, samples and electro elements can’t seriously draw somebody from the woodwork. Songs like ‘Fass mich nicht an’ surely include a lot of catchiness which is attractive but also trivial. The song(s) misses the wow-factor, since this kind of music has been inflationary published over the last one and half decades.

Within twelve years Stoneman couldn’t score a real breakthrough and the new album will not change things dramatically. Stoneman fans will like what they get served, NDH enthusiasts might not be averse to listen to ‘Geil und elektrisch’ and parts the Gothic scene might prefer the album also. However, this longplayer contains music that had its momentum many years ago, a time when bands like Rammstein, but also Die Schweisser, started to combine German lyrics, metal, rock and some electro to an exciting mix. ‘Geil und elektrisch’ isn’t more than raking up something that we’ve all heard many times earlier in a better way.





  1. Dein General
  2. Niemandsland
  3. Fremd
  4. Tiefschwarz
  5. Tanzmusik
  6. Geil und elektrisch
  7. Fass mich nicht an
  8. Alles Gute
  9. Für immer
  10. Worte
  11. Dein general (Elektro Edit)
  12. Geil und elektrisch (Elektro Edit)


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Gothic / NDH

Release Date EU: September 7th, 2018

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