CD review HOPELEZZ ‘Stories of a War Long Forgotten’

(7/10) ‘Stories of a War Long Forgotten’ is the third album of German metal outfit Hopelezz. Hopelezz, that’s Adrian Vorgerd (v/g), Daniel Ehlen (g), Marcle Krüger (b) and Nik Gaidel (d). This quartet is committed to thrash metal and went on tour earlier with bands like Machine Head, Hatebreed and others.

The new album ‘Stories of a War Long Forgotten’ is a premier for the band. Not because it’s the debut, but because it’s the first concept album of the German fourpiece band. The stoyboard is about a war between heaven and hell, a topic not being new to metal. Next to the concept it’s also the first time that the band added songs with German lyrics to the album. ‘Ich bin Krieg’ is the rough starter of the album and sets the ground for what can be expected of the album. The second tune in German language ends the longplayer. Hopelezz tells the story ‘Vom letzten Tag’ in 5 minutes and I can report that ‘the last day’ isn’t a peaceful one. Aggressive riffs and raspy vocals round of this strong metal record.

What feels a bit like a distraction on the tracklist is the cover version. Hopelezz newly interpreted the Bonnie Tyler hit ‘Holding Out For a Hero’ and turned the chartbreaker into a heavy beast. It’s a successful transition but it feels a bit out of context.

Things aren’t hopeless with Hopelezz. The quartet delivers a good metal record with solid songs. If well-done modernised thrash meta is something you’re looking for, than you should check out ‘Stories from a War Long Forgotten’.





  1. Ich Bin Krieg (Intro)
  2. War Against War
  3. The Beast
  4. The Only Way
  5. War Long Forgotten
  6. Let Their Cities Burn
  7. Through Hell
  8. What You Deserve
  9. A Prayer For Better Days
  10. This Must Not Be The End
  11. Holding Out For A Hero (Bonnie Tyler Cover)
  12. Vom Letzten Tag


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Modern Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 24th, 2018



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