CD review MAN WITH A MISSION ‘Chasing the Horizon’

(4/10) 13 months after Japanese rockers Man With A Mission released the ‘Dead End in Tokyo’ album, it is ‘Chasing the Horizon’ that marks a new chapter for the band and fans. I can remember that I wasn’t too thrilled about the last album and I can report that the new album will not change the impression.

After having pressed the ‘Play’ button I actually thought that things got better during the last year. The opener ‘ 2045’ and the following ‘Broken People’ aren’t too bad. Both tracks have a good drive and groove. They at least show a certain level of hardness, within the framework of Man With A Mission’.

But don’t get blinded by these two tracks. They are the best you can get from this album, since triviality starts with ‘Winding Road’. Everything that follows the first two tracks stands for exchangeable pop rock covered by an overdone electro sound. ‘Hey Now’ is such a boring song build on a beat that might invite for dancing, but has the potential of earache for metal fans. Giving this album a couple of runs on the record player was a hard cookie to swallow. Not even fans of modern rock and metal will be that much thrilled by this release. It’s music from the drawing board, in perfection though.

If you’re a fan of bands like Sunrise Avenue (I guess I messed it up now with all Sunrise Avenue fans), this album might make you feel like a tough guy. However, this music has nothing to do with metal and just touches the outside corner of rock. Not my music and I still wonder what’s the mission these guys are on.





  1. 2045
  2. Broken People
  3. Winding Road
  4. Hey Now
  5. Please Forgive Me
  6. Take Me Under
  7. Freak It!
  8. Break the Contradiction
  9. My Hero
  10. Dead End in Tokyo
  11. Chasing the Horizon
  12. Find You
  13. Dog Days
  14. Sleepwalkers


Label: Century Media

Genre: Pop Rock

Release Date EU: August 10th, 2018

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