CD review THE SPIRIT ‘Sounds from the Vortex’

(8/10) The Spirit is a new powerhouse from Germany. The quartet hails from Saarbrücken, Saarland and consists out of MS (d), AK (g), MT (V/g) and AT (b), with the latter being the newest band member. These four guys recorded with ‘Sounds from the Vortex’ a smashing debut that was unveiled as autonomously  release in 2017. The album record was a springboard for the band to ink a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. This deal helps the band to spread the word about their album, but it also shows the quality the album represents.

Photo: Natalia Kempin

The Spirit’s sound is death metal that has its roots in the Scandinavian variant of the extreme metal genre. This manifests itself in a dark vibe. It’s a gloomy melancholy that is the emotional base for each of these seven songs. With mainly 6 minutes and more, most of the tracks aren’t quick and nasty neck-breakers. Tunes like the raging ‘The Clouds of Damnation’ are brutal aural assaults. Deep growls and screaming guitars are an essential asset of the quartet. We’ll placed breaks help to crack the pattern and add extra dynamic to these ice cold death metal songs.

The Spirit doesn’t give fans a lot of time to recover while listening to album. One by one listeners are pushed through a fascinating tracklist that doesn’t include real calm moments. It’s a death metal storm The Spirit unfolds with their debut. It’s the unleashed power of youth that gives this album its nonconformistic vibe.  

‘Sounds from the Vortex’ is a well-crafted debut of a band that has enough potential for a positive outlook into a glorious metallic future. 





  1. Sounds from the Vortex
  2. Cosmic Fear
  3. The Clouds of Damnation
  4. Cross the Bridge to Eternity
  5. Illuminate the Night Sky
  6. The Great Mortality
  7. Fields of the Unkown


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: August 10th, 2018   

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