CD review RIOT GRRRLS ‘ The Riot Grrrl Sessions’

(8/10) You haven’t heard of Riot Grrrls before? Could be. Therefor I would like to start with a short introduction of the project and its background. Rock Grrrls Sessions is a music project that began in September 2017. 

Various punk and rock musicians joined forces for one weekend to write, rehearse and record this pretty cool longplayer. The result was worth the effort. ‘The Riot Grrrls Sessions’ comprises of thirteen songs, representing very vigil rock song. The bandwidth of sounds you get offered is everything from dirty rock’n’roll (‘TerrorGrrrls’) via melodic punk (‘Unicorn’) to darker tones like ‘Death’. Indie influences shimmer through while listening to ‘Fuck You’ while ‘I Was the Only Hell My Mother’ is more of a rock solid hardrocker.

This longplayer lives by its spontaneity and the resulting dynamic. Nothing sounds really planned and it’s the momentum of the recording session vibe that created the expression of ‘The Riot Grrrls Sessions’. This longplayer includes a lot of what rock’n’roll is about.





  1. TerrorGrrrls
  2. What I Want
  3. Goodbye
  4. Unicorn
  5. Sad and Weak
  6. My Grrrls
  7. Death
  8. I Love to Love Myself
  9. I Was the Only Hell My Mother
  10. I’m Bored
  11. Fuck You
  12. I Eat Boys Like You For Brealfast
  13. Grab em By the Pussy


Label: GMR Music

Genre: (Hard-) / (Punk-) Rock

Release Date EU: February 23rd, 2018


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