CD review BURY TOMORROW ‘Black Flame’

(8/10) British metalcore-ians of Bury Tomorrow launched their latest studio output ‘Earthbound’ in 2016. Two years later album number five will step out of the darkness into the light. The ‘Black Flame’ starts burning mid July, featuring ten new songs of the metalcore quintet and will be the debut for Bury Tomorrow’s new label Music For Nations.

The first song that gets out of your speakers is entitled ‘No Less Violent’ and starts for a few seconds with some atmospheric sequences before the song shifts towards a moderate paced metalcore song. Clean vocals, in interaction with aggressive shouts, are a trademark of the English metalcore band and are a significant elements of ‘No Less Violent’ too. The song is a well crafted opener, even though I have to say that the tune didn’t leave me breathless.

The next song does a better job and pumps pure energy into your veins. Not for nothing the track got the title ‘Adrenaline’. Nomen et omen. It’s amazing how much aggressiveness Bury Tomorrow can create, leading to songs like the raging ‘Knife of Gold’, the most brutal track on the album. The track contains merciless riffpower, compressed to less than 3 minutes of length. Nothing more is needed.

In contrast to these furious metalcore tracks ‘Black Flame’ comprises of some hymns too. The title track is one of them and ‘Overcast’ shares the same approach. Both songs have a certain level of fury in common, but it’s the more bombastic melodic sections being more dominant than in other tunes on Black Flame’.

To sum up: ‘Black Flame’ became an entertaining metalcore album. Melodies are still a crucial element of Bury Tomorrow’s sound and it fits the band and their music very well. ‘Black Flame’ merges a commercial appeal with harsh firepower, all done with attention to details and precision. ‘Black Flag’ is no re-invention of the wheel but it makes the existing wheel running much smoother and faster, if you know what I mean. Eight well deserved points go to Bury Tomorrow.





  1. No Less Violent
  2. Adrenaline
  3. Black Flame
  4. My Revenge
  5. More Than Mortal
  6. Knife Of Gold
  7. The Age
  8. Stormbringer
  9. Overcast
  10. Peacekeeper


Label: Music For Nations

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Release Date EU: July 13th, 2018

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