(7/10) Bullet For My Valentine’s roots go back to 1998 when the band started as Jeff Killed John. After some name-changes the guys transformed to Bullet For My Valentine and started an impressive career in metal.

The band debut with ‘The Poison’ in 2005, becoming a rising star in modern metal. The first album could score already  some chart entries and it was the sophomore record ‘Scream Aim Fire’, which helped the band to achieve a breakthrough. Reaching top 10 positions are in the meantime a regular procedure when it comes to Bullet For My Valentine longplayers and I don’t think that the new album will break the pattern.

‘Gravity’ continues a trend that unveiled itself already with the latest longplayers. Bullet For My Valentine shifts their sound towards a more popular direction. The guys don’t deny the metalcore roots, with the opener and  ‘Don’t Need You’ still being dynamic and aggressive modern metal songs. Also the partly In Flame-ish ‘Over It’ belongs to the better tracks on ‘Gravity’. However, songs like ‘The Very Last Time’ and ‘Coma’ puts another Bullet For My Valentine sound into forefront. When I listened to these songs I had to think about Linkin Park with a metalcore history. More electronica has been added to these tracks and the album in general, something that works against heaviness with the really sugar-sweet and almost trivial ‘The Very Last Time’. 

To experience the entire width of sound I can recommend the final two songs. The mentioned “Don’t Need You’ presents the metalcore days of the Welsh quartet while ‘Breathe Underwater’ stands for the opposite. Acoustic guitars and melodic vocals dominate a song that doesn’t sound unique and special. No doubt. it’s well-crafted and touching but doesn’t wow.

‘Gravity’ is a mixed bag. If you expect a (melodic) metalcore album, you will be disappointed. If you’re looking though for a contemporary modern rock/metal album that’s sound’s being amplified by some harsh outbursts, than I think you should check out Bullet For My Valentine’s fifth record. ‘Gravity’ is a brave step of a band that gives creativity the space needed. Bullet For My Valentine doesn’t stand still and the Welsh quartet evolves their music with every album. That’s per se a good thing and the question remains: Quo vadis Bullet For My Valentine?






  1. Leap of Faith
  2. Over It
  3. Letting You Go
  4. Not Dead Yet
  5. The Very Last Time
  6. Piece of Me
  7. Under Again
  8. Gravity
  9. Coma
  10. Don’t Need You
  11. Breathe Underwater



Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: June 29th, 2018



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