CD review MOS GENERATOR ‘Shadowlands’

(7/10) Over the last 18 years heavy metal powerhouse Mos Generator released seven albums with ‘Shadowlands’ being the newest one. The longplayer comprises of eight songs of which ‘Stolen Age’ and ‘The Wild & Gentle Dogs’ can be seen as the epical outbursts. Both numbers easily cross the seven minutes line, while rest of the album comes with a standard running time  of 3-4 minutes per song.

Mos Generator’s sound is influenced by bands like Black Sabbath. The result is a mixture of classic rock, stoner rock and a solid portion of doom and psychedelic, leading to well-crafted tracks like the grooving ‘Drowning in Your Loving Cup’. Heavily down-tuned guitars sets the tone of voice, supported by a strong pounding rhythm section.

The trio doesn’t consider any current trend for their music. Mos Generator’s sound builds on the late 70’s and they manage to transfer this vibe into the here and now. ‘Shadowlands’ sounds real and authentic. The album comes with an organic sound that spreads a warm vibe. ‘Shadowlands’ contains good stuff for fans of heavy rock and classic metal that is rooted in the 70’s.





  1. Shadowlands      
  2. The Destroyer    
  3. Drowning In Your Loving Cup    
  4. Stolen Ages        
  5. Gamma Hydra    
  6. The Blasting Concept     
  7. Woman Song     
  8. The Wild & Gentle Dogs



Label: Listenable records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 11th, 2018

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