CD review VEGA ‘Only Human’

(8/10) UK-based melodic rockers Vega are a regular guest on Markus’ Heavy Music Blog and it’s the band’s fifth longplayer that leads to a next post.

‘Only Human’ is the title of Vega’s new album and it’s the opener that describes the album very well. ‘Let’s Have Fun Tonight’ is the main credo on this record that features twelve melodic rock songs. When it comes to Vega and their sound it’s not the innovative elements that shine. The sextet sticks very much to the frames of this genre, but what the band for sure reflects is a great sense for melodies. You can’t escape from these hooks.

Melodic rock has seen a lot of bands, but what stands-out with Vega is the liveliness and dynamic they add to their songs. It makes just fun listening to these twelve anthems. None of the hooks and melodies on ‘Only Human’ sounds worn-out or warmed up. Tunes like the title track, the cool rocking ‘Gravity’ and powerful ‘Worth Dying For’ belong to the best this genre has unveiled this year.

Even the more melancholic ‘Last Man Standing’ and the smoothly rolling  ‘All Over Now’ feel fresh and to the point.

‘Only Human’ is another well-crafted album of the British six-piece band. Vega might not reach the top of melodic rock, but it’s their passion and hard working approach that differentiate them from some other bands, playing the same kind of music. Summer music.





  1. Let’s Have Fun Tonight
  2. Worth Dying For
  3. Last Man Standing
  4. Come Back Again
  5. All Over Now
  6. Mess You Made
  7. Only Human
  8. Standing Still
  9. Gravity
  10. Turning Pages
  11. Fade Away
  12. Go to War


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: May 11th, 2018

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