CD review PARKWAY DRIVE “Reverence”

(8/10) That Australia has a wider musical offer then solely AC/DC and Kylie Minogue is a well-known fact. There were/are bands like Mortal Sin in the fields of thrash metal and there is a metalcore outfit that is on a mission to spread their sound outside Australia too. Parkway Drive is their moniker and it’s a constantly growing fan base that clearly shows the band doing something right.

The band premiered with a debut entitled “Killing With a Smile” in 2005 and it’s their sixth longplayer, “Reverence”, that hit the shelves in May this year. Album number six features ten songs, all standing for a next step of Parkway Drive to open their music for additional influences.

Things start calm and acoustic. Almost as a kind of creepy intro the first notes of “Wishing Well” introduces the actual song. The opener evolves to an aggressive number and it’s the added effects that make the tune to great one, kicking off a cool new album by Parkway Drive.

“Prey” comes quite melodic and combines heavy outbursts with calmer section. The mixture of both helps to create a well-done metalcore track that goes beyond the genre-typical shouts. I would almost say that the track has a catchy component embedded that enables the band to reach out to new fans.

A song that differs from the rest is entitled “Cemetery Bloom”. It’s a cinematic number with some spoken words, all being kept in menacing calmness. As a counterpart it’s the riff of “The Void” that breaks the silence. “The Void” is a galloping that challenges the band’s musical framework. Metalcore is entierly gone when it comes to this song, that’s exemplary for the album. Heavy metal roots and power metal element found their way into Parkway Drive’s sound. What began already with “Ire” finds a continuation on the newest longplayer. 

“Reverence” is an album that showcases a band at a crossroad. Parkway Drive moves their sound away from uncompromising metalcore towards more traditional metal that also includes catchy element, reminding of modern metal. I personally think, that “Reverence” sounds quite good, but fans of the “Horizons”-days should check the album since “Revernence” differs quite a bit of sounds the band started with. 





  1. Wishing Well
  2. Prey
  3. Absolute Power
  4. Cemetery Bloom
  5. The Void
  6. I Hope You Rot
  7. Shadow Boxing
  8. In Blood
  9. Chronos
  10. The Colour of Leaving


Label: Epitaph Records

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date EU: May 4th, 2018

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