Review LAMB OF GOD ‘Omens’

The success story of Lamb Of God started in 1999. One year before the beginning of a new millennium, the band renamed itself and Burn The Priest became Lamb Of God. Under their new moniker, the guys released their debut album 'New American Gospel' 22 years ago and became the talk of the town with... Continue Reading →

‘Omens’ – a good omen for Lamb Of God

Modern thrash metal force Lamb Of God has a new album in the release pipeline. 'Omens' is the title of the upcoming record and the longplayers will be released on October 7th this year via Nuclear Blast. Ten songs, that is the tracklist of the album and here are the details: NevermoreVanishingTo The GraveDitchOmensGomorrahIll DesignsGrayscaleDenial... Continue Reading →

CD review LAMB OF GOD ‘Lamb of God’

Lamb Of God remain true to their basic musical concept. Only few other bands represent modern thrash metal as good as Lamb Of God. Their eighth album is characterized by power, energy and dynamic. 'Lamb of God' ends a five year wait with a big blast and those who haven't trained their neck muscles over the years will not be able to do without sore muscles. Brute songs and a brute album, both of which fit well into the current time.

LAMB OF GOD postpone release of self-titled album

Lamb Of God has issued a statement regarding the release of their upcoming self-titled album and the album’s third single:“Regrettably, we have to announce that the release date for our upcoming self-titled album is being moved five weeks, to June 19th. We're in extraordinary times due to the current global reality and the delay of shipments... Continue Reading →

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