Review TABOO ‘Taboo’

Following Nordic Union another band/project with a Pretty Maids member is starting off. This time it's Ken Hammer who has teamed up with H.E.R.O. singer Christoffer Stjerne to establish Taboo. The Danes are the driving force of the band and for some songs they get support from well-known names like Mat Sinner, who plays bass... Continue Reading →

TABOO – a new collaboration from the north

Taboo, that is the collaboration of two musicians from the north. There is singer Christoffer Stjerne, known from H.E.R.O. and Pretty Maids legendary axeman Ken Hammer, both being the core of this rather new outfit. The two Danes recorded a self-titled album that will be released on September 9th via Frontiers Music. With ‘Bleeding’ a... Continue Reading →

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