FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH release new album today

American powerhouse Five Finger Death Punch release their new album today. Simply named ‘F8’ the album title refers to being the eighth full-length release in the bands history and also reflects balancing justice, harmony and wise acting being symbolic for their new longplayer. ‘F8’ features a 13 songs tracklist and showcases a band that’s recovered from challenges that hit them over the last years.

Three years after ‘And Justice For None’ hit the shelves it’s the new longplayer that provides powerful Modern Metal songs, equipped with roaring riffs and well-crafted melodies, summarized on a tracklist that looks like this.

  1. F8
  2. Inside Out
  3. Full Circle
  4. Living The Dream
  5. A Little Bit Off
  6. Bottom Of The Top
  7. To Be Alone
  8. Mother May I (Tic Toc)
  9. Darkness Settles In
  10. This Is War
  11. Leave It All Behind
  12. Scar Tissue
  13. Brighter Side Of Grey
  14. Making Monsters (Bonus Track)
  15. Death Punch Therapy (Bonus Track)
  16. Inside Out (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

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