CD review J.B.O. ‘Wer Lässt die Sau raus?’

(4/10) What started in a great fashion in 1989 became a trivial copy of their own peak moment. German J.B.O., hailing from Erlangen, started as a fun project with songs that metalized non-metal songs, cobined with some own tunes. ‘Walk With an Erection’ and ‘Gimme Doop Joanna’ are just two examples of the debut, songs with a rock solid party vibe and a big fun factor.

The fact, that J.B.O. tells the same story for three decades doesn’t make things better. The new songs are a next example of repetition and it feels like being caught in an endless loop of listening to the same, not even different. This album is redundant.

What was a lot of fun at the time became a longplayer with trivial songs in 2019. J.B.O., their own legend. In case you’re looking for a cool soundtrack for your next party, go for the debut ‘Explizite Lyrics’ and the money you safe by not buying this longplayer is better invested in an extra beer crate.



  1. Überfall
  2. Mach Noch Eins Auf!
  3. Wer Lässt Die Sau Raus?!
  4. Hoffen Und Bangen
  5. Durst
  6. Depp
  7. Weil’s Quatsch Ist
  8. Schlimmer Geht Immer
  9. Die Beste Stadt Der Welt
  10. In Meinem Kühlschrank BrenntNoch Licht
  11. Happy Birthday
  12. Hochzeitspunk
  13. Hochzeitsmarsch
  14. Heavy Metal Baby
  15. Hallo Bier

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Fun Metal

Release Date EU: June 28th, 2019


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