CD review RHAPSODY, TURILLI/LIONE ‘Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)’

(9/10) The story of Rhapsody and all its variations is a long one and it’s hard to keep track on all the different satellite-bands that were generated from the mothership. What stayed over all these years was the connection of founding member Luca Turilli and singer Fabio Lione. The guys never lost sight of each other, although contact was limited during the last years.

Eight years after the guys left Rhapsody Of Fire, the duo reunited and started a new chapter of Symphonic Metal. Under the moniker of Turilli/Lione Rhapsody the guys pick up the rich heritage and lift things to a totally new level.

The sub-title of the album ‘Rebirth and Evolution’ clarifies a lot since it feels like the old Rhapsody-spirit is reborn and went through an evolution that lifts the bar for any Symphonic Metal release.

The duo, supported by Alex Holzwarth, Patrice Guers and Dominique Leurquin, created songs that are more than that. It’s ten compositions the album comprises of, all excellently done from a song writing perspective as well as executed in an perfect fashion too, whcih also includes sound and production.

‘Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)’ is the opposite of a puristic release. It’s fully loaded with bombast, big soundscape and an lot of drama. However, Turilli and Lione managed to never let cliche take over, cliche in a sense of trivial melodies and knee-deep keyboard sounds. Instead you get with ‘Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)’ cinematic songs that partly reminds of Queen in a Metal version with the title being one example for the mentioned.

‘Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)’ is far more than a shot out of the hips. This album is a well thought through release with every note and riff having a place and meaning. ‘Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)’ is a bombastic masterpiece that I haven’t expected to be that strong and powerful. Wow.



  1. Phoenix Rising
  2. D.N.A. (Demon And Angel)
  3. Zero Gravity
  4. Fast Radio Burst
  5. Decoding The Multiverse
  6. Origins
  7. Multidimensional
  8. Amata Immortale
  9. I Am
  10. Arcanum (Da Vinci’s Enigma)

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: July 15th, 2019



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