CD review SWEET OBLIVION ‘Sweet Oblivion’

(8/10) Sweet Oblivion is based on idea of Frontiers Music, bringing together a few musicians under the imaginary header ‘Queensryche’. Sweet Oblivion has basically Geoff Tate and guitarist Simone Mularoni, known from DSG. The band/project gets completed by Emanuela Casali and Paolo Caridi and it’s this four-piece band that worked on a debut that available since a few days.

The self-titeled debut features adds a next chapter to the endless ‘Queensryche-heritage’ story. The album comprises of ten songs, reflecting very much music that’s inspired by albums such as ‘Rage for Order’ and ‘Operation Mindcrime’.

After having listened to the album several times I can’t deny a certain fascination for these songs, reminding of a time, when Progressive Metal gained momentum. Tate is in fine voice, the guitar melodies reflect the earlier Queensryche, while it’s good melodies adding an extra appeal to the mix. Songs like the title track and ‘A Recess from My Fate’ are well-crafted and it’s the catchiness that attracts without compromising on heaviness.

This debut album is a good one, no doubt. Tate finds in Mularoni a new partner in crime for interpreting the typical Queensryche sound. One thing though, Sweet Oblivion isn’t Queensryche. The music sounds good, which is the important factor, of course. However, listening to this album still includes the feeling of listening to a cover band of the early Queensryche with the original singer on vocals. Good songs, good sound and still a bit too much off the drawing board.



  1. True Colors
  2. Sweet Oblivion
  3. Behind Your Eyes
  4. Hide Away
  5. My Last Story
  6. A Recess from My Fate
  7. Transition
  8. Disconnect
  9. The Deceiver
  10. Seek the Light

Label: Frontiers Mausic

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: June 14th, 2019


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