CD review SOTO ‘Origami’

(9/10) ‘Origami’, that’s the title of Jeff Scott Soto’s newest album. Origami, the traditional Chinese paper folding technique demands passion, dexterity and creativity, something Soto’s newest album reflects too and in that sense the title couldn’t have been chosen much better.

Jeff Scott Soto is a restless mind when it comes to music. Sons Of Apollo and the Transiberian Orchestra are just two bands/projects he’s included in these days. With Soto, the frontman follows his passion for heavier roots and unveils with ‘Origami’ album number three, also being the first one resulting out of a cooperation with Inside Out Music.

‘Origami’ features ten songs which reflect creativity with a wider range of sounds and influences. The longplayer doesn’t contain songs from the shelf. They are all demanding and it needs a certain dexterity to make them as shiny and striking as they are on ‘Origami’. Last but not least Jeff Scott Soto and bandmates are passionate musicians, adding their heart and soul into this release and carry the spirit of origami.

You can drop the needle wherever you want, it’s always a spot that leads to great music. ‘Detonate’ with its blistering solo parts is one of the highlight and the rhythm-focused ‘Dance With the Devil’ is another one. ‘Afterglow’ adds a funky vibe to the table and it’s the title track, being a racing metal anthem with an enormous punch factor. The tenth and final song on this album is with ‘Give In to Me’ a dynamic ending of a great longplayer. Starting calmer, the closer builds up to some heaviness in the chorus before the verse picks up the calmer vibe again. This song is certainly a great way to cross the finish line.

To sum up: ‘Origami’ is a well-crafted melodic metal album, that puts the well-executed vocals of Soto into forefront without forgetting the power and agility of his band members. Great music.



  1. HyperMania
  2. Origami
  3. BeLie
  4. World Gone Colder
  5. Detonate
  6. Torn
  7. Dance With The Devil
  8. AfterGlow
  9. Vanity Lane
  10. Give In To Me

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: May 24th, 2019



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