CD review DOGFACE “From the End to the Beginning’

(*/10) Dogface is/was the deliverer of great Hard Rock records without having had the chance to enjoy a big break-through. The band premiered two decades ago after having found with Mats Leven an excellent frontman. With having Leven on board things gained speed, which unfortunately didn’t last for too long. A sophomore album has been recorded, a longer hiatus was next and it was the year 2013 when we could witness Dogface’s return. The band closed the books in 2018 and ‘From the End to the Beginning’ is a kind of goodbye album that features the highlights of a band whose career ended far too early.

‘From the End to the Beginning’ comes with 15 songs and delivers, next to quantity, also quality. Dogface wrote excellent Hard Rock songs in the tradition of bands like Deep Purple and Rainbow. Equipped with irresistible hooks the band understood the spirit of Classic Rock and transferred it into excellent Rock songs.

This only allows one conclusion: Good music, good sound and unfortunately good-bye.



  1. Don’t
  2. Not Wanted
  3. A Single Reason
  4. I Will Be There
  5. Sleeping With the Enemy
  6. Footsteps on the Moon
  7. Right Between the Lies
  8. Alon Again
  9. Can;’t Face Tomorrow
  10. You’re Taken Me Down
  11. I Don’ Care
  12. Leave This War
  13. Spit It Out
  14. Rule the Night
  15. Let It Out

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: May 29th, 2019

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