CD review AVATAR ‘The King Live in Paris’

(8/10) When the King holds court in Paris it needs an announcer to prepare everybody for the royal appearance. And since the King is in France, at Download festival to be precise, the announcement is done in French, directly followed by the start of the show.

His Royal Highness entertains folks for around an hour with forceful Heavy Metal with many nuances.

However, Avatar, that’s not only good music, but also a unique show. Sometimes it’s all the stage scenery that should cover for musical deficits and this isn’t the case when it comes to Avatar. Music and show are one, but an album like ‘The King Live in Paris’ shows the good musical training the band members went through in all the years. These five guys from Avatar country know how to rock the crowd.

Songs like ‘Let it Burn’, the freaky ‘For the Swarm’ and the ten minutes version of ‘The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country’ are certainly not of the shelve and neither is the smashing closer ‘Hail to Apocalypse’. These tracks are multi-layered compositions, influenced by many genres and still spot-on.

Nothing is normal with Avatar and when I read the info sheet, provided by the label, I had to smile. Usually it’s a kind of fact sheet, but not when it’s about Avatar. These guys stick to their role, regardless if it’s an interview or an info sheet. Facts are provided by letters to a girl called Bernadette. Avatar is entertainment on various levels and that’s a factor for wining over a wider fanbase yearly.

‘The King Live in Paris’ is a cool live release and it’s more than just the recording of a show. This album is a vital and lively experience of the King and his court entertaining their folks.



  1. Intro (Live in Paris 2018)
  2. A Statue Of The King (Live in Paris 2018)
  3. Let It Burn (Live in Paris 2018)
  4. Paint Me Red (Live in Paris 2018)
  5. Bloody Angel (Live in Paris 2018)
  6. For The Swarm (Live in Paris 2018)
  7. Tower (Live in Paris 2018)
  8. The Eagle Has Landed (Live in Paris 2018)
  9. Smells Like A Freakshow (Live in Paris 2018)
  10. Avatar Country (Live in Paris 2018)
  11. Hail The Apocalypse (Live in Paris 2018)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: May 17th, 2019



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