CD review SNOWY WHITE and THE WHITE FLAMES ‘The Situation’

(8/10) ‘The Situation’ is touching Blues Rock in perfection. British guitarist Snowy White gathered again together with some fiends and musicians to work on a new album that became very personal.

‘The Situation’ reflects all kinds of emotional states and situations of the guitarist during 2018. This approach makes the album to very personal one, which benefits the songs a lot. There is an emotional depth and authenticity that comes with each of the tunes and Blues is the perfect transmitter of these experiences, feelings and emotions.

Connected to an excellent guitar play and soulful melodies, ‘The Situation’ becomes to an album that features calmer moment (‘This Feeling’) as well as it has a bluesy melancholy that comes with ‘Crazy Situation Blues’. The book’s closed by ‘I Can’t Imagine’, a grooving Blues Rock song that marks the perfect ending point of a well-done album.

In case there are some readers out there that are interested in well-executed Blues Rock, I can highly recommend this album to you guys. Snowy White’s experience, musical capabilities and emotional approach led to an album that asks for time and rewards with some wow-moments.



  1. The Situation
  2. This Feeling
  3. LA Skip
  4. Can’t Seem To Do Much About It
  5. Crazy Situation Blues
  6. Blues In My Reflection
  7. Why Do I Still Have The Blues
  8. You Can’t Take It With You
  9. Migration
  10. The Lying Game
  11. Hard Blues
  12. I Can’t Imagine

Label: Snowy White

Genre: Blues Rock

Release Date EU: April 16th, 2019


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