CD review RUTHLESS ‘Evil Within’

(7/10) Underground legends Ruthless evoked the ‘Discipline of Steel’ back in 1986 when the band premiered with a ten track comprising longplayer. Although the album wasn’t a bad one, competition was quite strong at the time and an upcoming grunge vibe didn’t make things easy either. As a result Ruthless parted ways in 1990.

25 years later the quintet returned with their sophomore record, entitled ‘They Rise’. It seems like the second album having been an energiser for the guys since four years later the next studio album sees the Californian sun.

‘Evil Within’ is a nine songs comprising metal record that could become headbangers delight. The five-piece band from L.A., California brings traditional US to the plate, reminding more than once of Metal Church.

The opener ‘Storm of Souls’ is the first moment I had to think about the power metal icons from Seattle and some more followed. It’s almost a bit too much ‘Watch the Children Prey’ weaved into this first song. Still we are talking about a good start into an album that shows a melodic aspect with the title track and it is ‘Skulls’ with its breaks, being a highlight on the album too.

‘Cryptic Ruins’ is the closer of the album and it comes too early. However, the song’s a great way to end this US Metal record. Ruthless presents themselves in good shape and it’s the metal spirit of the underground that blows life into this release. Rock solid.



  1. Storm Of Souls
  2. Atrocities
  3. In Blood
  4. Evil Within
  5. Fear Never Sleeps
  6. Skulls
  7. Death March
  8. The Brotherhood
  9. Cryptic Ruins

Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date EU: May 3rd, 2019



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