CD review DAGGER THREAT ‘Gestaltzerfall’

(7/10) Hamburg-based Dragger Threat are an outfit that’s rather new. The starting point was in 2016 and the band released to date two EP’s. Fans had to wait a while for the debut, a time span that ends on April 19th. Dagger Threat releases their debut ‘Gestaltzerfall’ and it’s a rageous premier.

Dagger Threat, that basically hardcore, which is combined with brutal metal riffs. The eleven songs on the debut are a spot-on wrecking ball with all unnecessary details that have been thrown over board.

Songs like the ultra-fast ‘Dystopia’ and the not even two minutes long ‘Stone’ a noise attacks and it’s the trance-like interlude ‘Treatment’ that creates an excellent counterpart to the rest of the album. The cool thing with Dagger Threat’s debut is the fact that the guys from Elbe-town don’t us a cookie-cutter approach. ‘Drowing’, with frontman Tim’s screaming in the beginning is awesome, followed by a riff that’s a blast shows a diversity that reflects an own sound. That’s a great starting line for more good music to come.

‘Gestaltzerfall’, actually I never heard this German word before, is a massive debut album. It unleashes energy and rage, embedded in eleven songs. This longplayer is well-done, although it feels like the guys are partly a bit ahead of themselves. Like a pinball, Dagger Threat’s music goes all directions and the guys go strong. If they can channel all their energy on the next longplayer, things will become even more impressive.



  1. Diagnosis
  2. Coffin Nail
  3. Stone
  4. Crooked Mirror
  5. Twists and Turns
  6. Treatment
  7. Drowning
  8. Dystopia
  9. Abuse of Power
  10. Reformed
  11. Cure

Label: BDHW Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: April 19th, 2019



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