CD review VULTURE ‘Beyond the Blade’ – 7″

(7/10) What’s much more reliable than German speed trains is German speed metal and Vulture is one outfit that represents German steel with speed. The guys recently inked a deal with Metal Blade and a first countable result of this collaboration is a 7″ single entitled ‘Beyond the Blade’.

Vulture, that’s oldschool speed metal and the guys don’t leave any doubt on who’s the owner of velocity. The title track ‘Beyond the Blade’ is a furious metal song with racing guitars a high pitch screams by L. Steeler.

The second song is Vulture-ized version of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Killer on the Loose’, which it turned upside down. Of course you can still recognise the original, but it a lot of extra Vulture power that’s added.

‘Beyond the Blade’ bridges the wait for the new longplayer. ‘Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves’ will alight from the tombs on June 7th and this single release is a well-done appetizer. Stay hungry.



  1. Beyond the Blade
  2. Killer on the Losse (Thin Lizzy cover)

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Speed Metal

Release Date EU: April 5th, 2019



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