CD review RPWL ‘Tales from Outer Space’

(9/10) Music from Bavaria is often reduced to humpa-humpa Oktoberfest music, but the region in Germany’s South-East brings more to table. One representative of Bavarian music with style is RPWL.

The four guys from Freising, Bavaria is the successor of a band called Violet District. Kalle Wallner and Chris Postl played in this band and it was Yogi Land that acted as a producer and guest musician.

RPWL started as a Pink Floyd cover band before things evolved. The quartet developed their own style and released a debut album in 2000. The new century and a first album was the starting point of a musical journey with some records that followed the debut.

Five years after ‘Wanted’, RPWL unleashes a next studio album. ‘Tales from Outer Space’ is a seven songs featuring longplayer that unveils the beauty of progressive rock music.

The centrepiece of this album is entitled ‘Light of the World’, which is a 10 minutes epos. It’s not only the longest track on this album, it also features everything RPWL stands for. Exquisite guitar play, bigger soundscapes, nice twists and great melodies, these are the main pillars of this songs as well as of RPWL. The way the Bavarian quartet combines these elements impresses and leads to soulful songs. Although feels plays an important role, none of the seven track is too soft and calm. There’s always a solid portion of rock power embedded too which is the spice that makes the difference esp. in songs like the fabulous opener ‘A New World’.

Next to the music also lyrics play an important role in RPWL’s musical approach. ‘Tales from Outer Space isn’t a concept album. As the title implicates, the songs are more of individual short stories, all under a bigger umbrella life in outer space and science fiction.

‘Tales from Outer Space’ became a next successful album in RPWL’s rich history and you wonder why these guys can’t enjoy a wider fanbase. It’s definitely not due to their top-notch music.



  1. A New World
  2. Welcome to the Freak Show
  3. Light of the World
  4. Not Our Place to Be
  5. What I Really Need
  6. Give Birth to the Sun
  7. Far Away from Here

Label: Gentle Art Of Music

Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date EU: March 22nd, 2019



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