CD review FOREVER STILL ‘Breathe in Colours’

(8/10) Danish metal powerhouse Forever Still is still a rather new band in the fields of metal, although their foundation date was back in 2010. After some first EP’s the band premiered in 2016 with ‘Tied Down’. Already the debut made it clear, that these guys didn‘t came to be ‚forever still‘. Their mission is more like to be loud as long as possible.

‚Breathe in Colours‘ is the sophomore longplayer and it covers a wider range of songs, from modern rock to modern metal. Although the majority of tunes belong to the category of ‚Loud‘, it‘s the calmer tones that add some variations to this metallic cocktail. ‚Say Your Goodbyes‘ is such an emotional moment in which feel and dynamic strengthen each other. What’s an emotional highlight too is ‚Is it Gone‘, a great song that puts a lot if feel to forefront.

Besides these soulful moments it‘s pure heaviness that rules. More than once I was reminded of Italian genre leaders of Lacuna Coil while me listening to ‚Breathe in Colours‘. ‚Rewind‘, but also the title track, have similarities with Cristina Scabbia and band mates. However, with the similarities in place the album has enough own identity to not end up in a simple copy of Lacuna Coil.

Last but not least it’s the real heavy outburst that are present too.  ‘Survive‘ is such a song, including blood-curdling screams by Maja Shining.

To sum up: ‚Breathe in Colours‘ is a dynamic modern metal album. The two main pillars, Maja Shining and Mikkel Haastrup,  crafted songs that can handle a comparison with bands like the mentioned Lacuna Coil and since ‚Breathe in Colours‘ is just their second album the future could look bright for this Danish metal outfit.



  1. Rewind
  2. Fight!
  3. Breathe in Colours
  4. Is it Gone?
  5. Survive
  6. Do Your Worst
  7. Pieces
  8. Rising Over You
  9. Say Your Goodbyes
  10. Embrace the Tide

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: March 29th, 2019



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