CD review BLOODBOUND ‘Rise of the Dragon Empire’

(7/10) Swedish Bloodbound releases new records on a regular base and here‘s the newest one. ‚Rise of the Dragon Empire‘ is their first longplayer that comes through AFM Records, while there isn’t that much other new. It‘s melodic power metal in the typical fashion you get offered by the Swedish sextet. Hooks, big melodies and fantasy stories is what you‘re used to and it‘s also what the newest album is about. You could say, if you will, that ‘Rise of the Dragon Empire’ delivers entirely to expectation.

‚Rise of the Dragon Empire‘ contains eleven songs, all well produced and equipped with a proper production. The word ‚power‘ in power metal is taken serious by the Swedes and it‘s the catchiness of the album that makes it also to an easy accessible one. You don‘t need to spin the record a lot of time to find your way into it. The first time listening to the choruses enables a singalong and it’s bands like Sabaton, Helloween and others that delivered a kind of blueprint.

By all the positive that comes with ‘Rise of the Dragon Empire’ there’s some predictability too. Bloodbound’s eighth album doesn’t carry a lot of surprising moments. Next to the lack of variation the record comprises of music that we heard so often and not only from Bloodbound itself.

To sum up, ‘Rise of the Dragon Empire’ is a solid metal disc and it’s not the first one of its kind. If you embrace the power of repetition on a good level, this album will do a good job. Nothing really new from the dragon empire.



  1. Rise of the Dragon Empire
  2. Slayer of Kings
  3. Skyriders and Stormbringers
  4. Magical Eye
  5. Blackwater Bay
  6. Giants of Heaven
  7. The Warlock’s Trail
  8. A Blessing in Sorcery
  9. Breaking the Beast
  10. Balerion
  11. Reign of Fire

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: March 22nd



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