CD review WITHERFALL ‘Vintage’ – EP

(8/10) Right before embarking on an acoustic tour with Finnish metallers Sonata Arctica, Witherfall unleashes a new EP entitled ‘Vintage’. Witherfall is the brainchild of the creative duo featuring Joseph Michael and Jake Dreyer. The first one’s known from Sanctuary while the latter is a part of Iced Earth. The two guys added Anthony Crawford, Alex Hasla and Steve Bolognese to Witherfall and it’s this quintet that worked on ‘Vintage’.

‘Vintage’ consists out of two cover versions and some redone songs from earlier two studio albums. While recording the latest longplayer ‘A Prelude to Sorrow’ Witherfall also recorded two cover song that were so far not published and now they will see the light of day on ‘Vintage’. The first song that comes out of this session is Tom Petty’s ‘I Won’t Back Down’. Witherfall adds an own identity to this rock anthem and it’s a melancholic undertone that intensifies the emotional impact. It’s a good interpretation of the classic and can surely stand next to the original Tom Petty hit. The second cover version has a totally different background. It’s Helloween’s emotional ballad ‘A Tale That Wasn’t Right’, which is redone by the quintet and it doesn’t end up on a bad spot either. The difference though is, that this song is so much connected to Michael Kiske’s voice that the cover can’t reach the intensity of the Helloween version. Anyhow, a good attempt, but a really high bar to reach.

Next to these two track it’s ‘Vintage’ from the sophomore album that’s not only the name giver of this EP, but also translated into a three songs medley that also includes with ‘Nobody Sleeps Here’ a tune from the debut album.

What else? ‘Ode to Despair’ has been re-arranged and comes as an acoustic song and it’s the Japan single release ‘The Long Walk Home (December)’ that now becomes available for everybody. Witherfall impressed with their first two albums and with ‘Vintage’ the guys add another well-crafted release to their discography. ‘Vintage’ allows Witherfall to stress their musical framework and is a welcomed publication for the ongoing acoustic tour.



  1. Vintage Medley: Vintage I
  2. Vintage Medley: Nobody Sleeps Here…
  3. Vintage Medley: Vintage II
  4. A Tale That Wasn’t Right (Helloween cover)
  5. Ode to Despair (Acoustic)
  6. The Long Walk Home (December)
  7. I won’t back Down (Tom Petty cover)
  8. Vintage (album version)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: March 22nd, 2019



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