CD review URZA ‘The Omnipresence of Loss’

(7/10) Urza’s new album can’t handle any daylight. Death and doom is what the album spreads in an atmosphere of eternal darkness. Thomas, Olli, Marcus, Marc and Hannes celebrate on ‘The Omnipresence of Loss’ the morbid beauty of Funeral Doom in five chapters.

The Berlin-based band starts with the ‘Lost in Decline’ which is with 17 minutes an ode to decay and loss. What works well with each of the individual songs is bit too much of the same when spread over more than an hour running time.

One of the biggest challenges with funeral doom is to add a certain level of variety to the endless flow of darkness. Slo-mo riffs for sure has its fascination, but after a while it feels a bit like a cookie-cutter approach that repeats it’s sinister beauty. Too much of the same becomes just too much. In this case it adds lengthiness to ‘The Omnipresence of Loss’ in its entirety.

All in all the longplayer has for sure some a lot of grimness and darkness but it’s the missing surprises that doesn’t lead to more than well-deserved seven points that go to Berlin.



1. Lost In Decline
2. A History Of Ghosts
3. Path Of Tombs
4. From The Vaults To Extermination
5. Demystifying The Blackness

Label: Solitude Productions

Genre: Funeral Doom

Release Date EU: March 15th, 2019



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