CD review A NEW REVENGE ‘Enemies & Lovers’

(8/10) A New Revenge, that’s the name of a new band that comprises of rock and metal veterans. Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Keri Kelli, Rudy Sarzo and James Kottak, these are the guys forming A New Revenge. Each of the four musicians has a long track record including a lot of experience and passion for music.

The quartet worked on the debut entitled ‘Enemies & Lovers’ which is now ready to go. The ten songs, captured on this release, are a treat for ears of hard rock fans. A positive vibe, an ease and great hooks, that’s what this album is about. What positively surprises is the modern and dynamic sound of the album.

There isn’t a real downer on the album although ‘Glorious’, in the verse, reminds heavily of Don Henely’s ‘Boys of Summer’. The chorus, in contrast, has a very modern approach and a melody that sticks right away.

Furthermore it’s the grooving ‘The Way’ that stands out with a cool bassline and a catchy chorus. It’s exciting to listen to ‘Ripper’ Owens’ voice in such a context. Some high pitch moments, like in ‘The Eyes’, reflect his metal days with bands like Judas Priest while in general he’s doing a great job in fields of hard rock.

Songs you shouldn’t miss either are the light-hearted swinging ‘Fallen’ and the uptempo ‘Here’s to Us’. Last but not least there’s ‘Only the Pretty Ones’ with its dark vibe, very much inspired by Alice Cooper. Even ‘Ripper’ Owens’ voice reminds of the master of horror.

To sum up: ‘Enemies & Lovers’ is an excellent hard rock album that rock very well. A New Revenge created an album that comprises of many years of experience, funneled into a great album with a rather modern sound. That’s the way hard rock in 2019 should sound like.



  1. The Distance Between
  2. The Way
  3. Never Let You Go
  4. Glorious
  5. The Eyes
  6. Fallen
  7. Only the Pretty Ones
  8. Enemies & Lovers
  9. Here’s to Us
  10. Scars

Label: Golden Robot Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 29th, 2019



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