CD review THE YOUNG GODS ‘Data Mirage Tangram’

(*/10) There were two industrial metal bands in the early ‘90s that went on endless rotation on my record player. One band was Ministry and their genre defining ‘Psalm 69’album and the other one was a band from Switzerland that challenged the frames of rock and metal – The Young Gods. Their 1992 release ‘T.V. Sky’ is a milestone when it comes to industrial rock, music that merges rock, metal, punk and samples to great sound collages. ‘T.V. Sky’ included eight great songs of which ‘Gasoline Man’, ‘Skinflower’ and the title track became timeless classics.

The Young Gods released many more longplayers over time and it will be February 22nd that will bring a new record up to surface – ‘Date Mirage Tangram’.

Musically The Young Gods are a chameleon that evolved their music over time. Guitars almost disappeared compared to the ‘T.V. Sky’ days while the electro-elements dominate The Young God’s sound these days. It’s very atmospheric electronic soundscapes that are the base for each of the seven songs and you could question why the album is reviewed on MHMB. Now, one of the reasons is, that sometimes you also think (and listen) out of the box and secondly it’s The Young Gods industrial, punk and electro background being reason enough for reviewing ‘Data Mirage Tangram’ – and if just for bringing ‘T.V. Sky’ closer to you.



  1. Entre en matière
  2. Tear Up the Red Sky
  3. Figure sans nom
  4. Moon Above
  5. All My Skin Standing
  6. You Gave Me a Name
  7. Everythem

Label: Two Gentlemen / Rough Trade

Genre: Elektro / Rock

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019



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