CD review AENIMUS ‘Dreamcatcher’

(8/10) Friends of progressive death metal can welcome a new album, done by a band that has its foundation date in 2011. Aenimus, hailing from the Bay Area, debuted some years ago with ‘Transcend Reality’, an album that featured with All I Shall Perish frontman Eddie Hermida a prominent  guest.  

Aenimus spent a lot of months on the road and played many shows and even some more. This was one reason why work on the new album took a while. Almost six years after the debut album hit the shelves it is ‘Dreamcatcher’ that features new material of the East Coast tech metallers.  

‘Dreamcatcher’ is a concept album, split up into eleven chapters/songs. Aenimus tells horror stories, inspired by movies like ‘The Shining’ and others. To give the album, the stories and the characters some extra attentions it is again guest singers/growls that support the five piece on their sophomore longplayer.  

The first songs of the album set the scene for what to expect in a good fashion. There is the raw ‘Eternal’, kept in mid-pace and with complex guitar patterns. A calmer section half way acts as a well-placed counterpart compared to the rest of this smasher. And if you think that was it, it’s wrong. There are melodic vocals in the the final third of the songs, accompanied by blistering guitar solos. The track for sure belongs to the best one the album has to offer. 

However, Aenimus also knows how to create a deadly anthem by releasing the break. The bombastic death metal wrecking ball ‘The Ritual’ with its uptempo passages is showing the entire musical toolbox the band can make use of.  Furthermore it is the calmer starting ‘Between Iron and Silver’ and the brutal ‘The Overlook’ that aren’t meant to take prisoners.  

It took Aenimus a long time to write, record and release their second strike. However, it was worth the wait since this album is a deadly strike, fuelled by harsh and brutal riffs and melodic sections that both go together very well. ‘Dreamcatcher’ is an album I can recommend, and not only to death metal fans or proggies. This band and this album has more to offer, by spreading it’s black cinematic vibe, an atmosphere that gives you the shivers. 



  1. Before the Eons 
  2. Eternal 
  3. The Ritual 
  4. My Becoming 
  5. The Dark Triad 
  6. Between Iron and Silver 
  7. The Overlook 
  8. Caretaker 
  9. Second Sight 
  10. Day Zero 
  11. Dreamcatcher 

Label: Nuclear Blast  

Genre: Progressive Death Metal 

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019



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