German thrashers ERADICATOR re-issues debut

German thrasher Eradicator debuted ten years ago with ‚The Atomic Blast‘. A decade later the album faces a re-issue, comprising of the original album tracks of which four songs have been newly recorded in a live setup.

Furthermore the re-release comes with an entirely redone booklet and will be available in various formats. Release date is March 22nd and the CD comes through Green Zone Music, while it’s ftwctp Records that releases the vinyl of ‘The Atomic Blast’.  The latter misses the bonus tracks but includes a download code of the extended version. Vinyl addicts need to be fats since this version is limited to 250 pieces.


  1. Possessed By The Devil
  2. Capital Punishment
  3. War In My Head
  4. Thrashing Through The Pit
  5. Never Surrender
  6. Trigger To Apocalypse
  7. Place Of No Return
  8. When Bullets Drop Like Rain…
  9. Nothing But Ashes Remain
  10. War in My Head (2019)
  11. Trigger To Apocalypse (2019)
  12. Possessed By The Devil (2019)
  13. Capital Punishment (2019)

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