CD review DESERTED FEAR ‘Drowned By Humanity’

(9/10) German metalers Deserted Fear come up with their fourth longplayer and it’s certainly the best to date. Originally hailing from Eisenberg (Translated into English it means Iron Mountain), Manuel Glatter (g/v) and Fabian Hildebrandt (g) moved to Jena during the last years, which added a new dynamic to Desert Fear’s music.

‘Drowned by Humanity’ will hit the record stores beginning of February and it’s a deadly strike you shouldn’t miss. 13 melodic death metal songs is what you get with this album, a record that became a masterpiece.

The past showed some comparisons with bands like Asphyx, Bolt Thrower and Dismember and these bands for sure belong to the musical influences of the three-piece band. It’s the melodic aspect of the new album though that reminded me more than ones of Scandinavian death metal, rooted in the greater Gothenburg area. The earlier In Flames and also Dark Tranquillity, these are bands the new album can be compare with.

The ‘Intro’ isn’t much more than what the title says. It’s the calm before the storm, a raging blast that starts with ‘All Will Fall’. I melodic but mighty riff is the base for this tune and as soon as Glatter’s growls kicks-in, things get even heavier. What’s remarkable already at this stage is the dense sound, partly due to the songs and partly due to the great work of Dan Swanö who was at the helm.

Deserted Fear’s new album doesn’t include any quality break or filler. The guys unleash a death metal storm that’s build on the band’s passion for this kind of music. The band makes use of creative freedom, provided by the label, which leads to sonic wrecking balls such as ‘Reflect the Storm’ and ‘Stench of Misery’ with its enormous riffpower. Deserted Fear is a band and not a job and it’s this artistic liberty that enables them to do, what they want to do. The album showcases a band that follows their heart and it’s a strong heart beat you can listen to on ‘Drowned By Humanity’. Two thumbs up



  1. Intro
  2. All Will Fall
  3. An Everlasting Dawn
  4. The Final Chapter
  5. Reflect the Storm
  6. Across the Open Sea
  7. Welcome to Reality
  8. Stench of Misery
  9. A Breathing Soul
  10. Sins From the Past
  11. Scars of Wisdom
  12. Die in Vain(Bonus track)
  13. Tear of My Throne

Label: Century Media

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 8th, 2019



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