CD review POUNDER ‘Uncivilized’

(7/10) You might not have heard of Pounder earlier, but in case you’re a fan of the NWoBHM spirit and call bands like Night Demon to your favorites ylu certainly should check out this trio.

Pounder, the name says it all, started in 2016 and is hailing from Los Angeles, CA. The guys have published a demo and an EP so far with the debut being ready to be revealed.

The trio premiers with ‘Uncivilized’, an album that features eight songs. Each of the tracks is a pure metal experience with heaviness and edges. Nothing on this album sounds polished. Things are wild and furious instead.

The starting triple is pushing the pedal quite hard. A fast pace and heavy riffs are what you get, all combined with a solid portion of melody. Yes, there’s some potential when it comes to songwriting and some of the tunes sound scattered and fragmented. The half-ballad ‘Long Time No Love’ is such a song that tries to pick-up an early Dokken vibe but takes some turns, like in the verse, that are disturbing. The entire impression I got from the album though was in general a positive one.

‘Uncivilized’ is breathing the underground spirit that manifests itself in eight solid metal songs. This album comes with a good approach although some work is needed to make this trio to a shining metal diamond.



  1. Fuck Off and Die
  2. Uncivilized
  3. Red Hot Leather
  4. Long Time No Love
  5. We Want the Night
  6. The Mists of Time
  7. Answer the Call
  8. The Evil One

Label: Hells Headbangers

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: February 22nd, 2019

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