CD review OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US ‘Melting the Ice of the Hearts of Men’

(8/10) Salzburg in Austria isn’t solely the city of Mozart’s birth. The city in the Alpes also has a vivid metal scene with the Rockhouse venue being a kind of centerpiece.

In this context, some guys followed their heart and started a band, which they named Our Survival Depends On Us (OSDOU). As you can see, already the moniker they chose is a quite long one and nothing is really short and easy with this quintet.

Their fourth longplayer is entitled ‘Melting the Ice of the Hearts of Men’ and the longplayer comprises of four songs only. Each of these tunes is beyond 10 minutes of length, connected by a conceptual storyline.

To describe OSDOU’s music is a difficult endeavor. The quintet mixes many styles and influences, starting with bands like Sigur Rós, via Bathory to progressive rock masters like Steven Wilson. The music on this album reflects all these influences and it’s this exciting melting pot, which creates the thrill.

OSDOU songs are compositions, atmospheric ones. Build on a dense tapestry of sounds each of the songs evolves to a little epos that unveils emotions and creates sonic pictures. Calmer, almost fragile moments, interact with heavy outbursts. ‘Gold and Silver’ is the perfect example. The gloomy song is an intensive ten minutes journey, inspired by the Book of Ezekiel from the Old Testament. The ttack was also chosen to be the first video clip of the album and after having lsitened to it you also know why.

OSDOU is a band I haven’t had on the radar up until now. The more I was impressed by the layered and intensive songs the five-piece band reveals on ‘Melting the Ice of the Hearts of Men’.



  1. Galahad – “Dissolving The Illusion Of All Worldly Things”  (feat. Alan Averill of Primordial)
  2. Gold and Silver – “Which God, Which King, Which Law Condemns Us To Everlasting Slavery?” 
  3. Song of the Lower Classes 
  4. Sky Burial  – “Survival Depends On The Mercy Of The Elements” 

Label: Ván Records

Genre: Post Metal

Release Date EU: February 8th, 2018



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