CD review RIVER BECOMES OCEAN ‘Silence Means Nothing’

(7/10) Rivers certainly become oceans which also means that something rather small can get very big. In the case of River Becomes Ocean we have to see how big things will get in the future. As usual, also here things started small with a few guys deciding to start a new band. This happened back in 2013.

The quartet, hailing from Brighton, UK, began to write songs and after having released a first EP, ‘The World Around Me’, appetite for more got bigger. ‘December’ was the title of the next EP that followed in 2016, but a full-length debut had a long time coming.

River Becomes Ocean can appreciate a great start into the new year since they close the gap. With ‘A Motion Paralysed’ the first longplayer hits the shelves as we speak. The band recorded 13 songs, all very melodic and equipped with great hooks.

Marvin, Danny, Ben and Dorian are very much into alternative rock. They add a modern touch to each of the tunes and it’s track like ‘Face You’ reflecting the quartets musical approach very well. Some songs, like ‘Take My Hand’ are sugared a bit too much and also ‘Happy’ misses some edges.

An outburst though is entitled ‘Silence Means Nothing’. The song includes a guest appears of Liam Cormier, from Canada’s Cancer Bats and it’s his aggressive vocals adding some roughness to the song and the album. More of these outbreaks wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

River Becomes Ocean is a band that continually grew over the last years and the debut is not a rush job. Fans of modern rock music should check out this album. Not that it’s a musical revolution you can expect. It’s more of a well done execution of something we’ve heard already similarly from other bands. However, good music that entertains.



  1. Brighton
  2. This Hell is Heaven Sent
  3. Apart
  4. Face You
  5. Take My hand
  6. Addicted
  7. Happy
  8. Silence Means Nothing (feat. Liam Cormier)
  9. Never Enough
  10. The End
  11. Destroy-Rebuild
  12. You Said
  13. The Fall


Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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