CD review CORRODED ‘Bitter’

(7/10) Swedish heavy rockers Corroded start into the new year with having their 5th studio album in their backpack. ‘Bitter’ is their second album for Despotz Records and it shows the band, playing heavier than on the latest ‘Defcon Zero’ release. Modern guitar riffs and stomping rhythm are the core elements of these twelve songs, together with pretty good vocalslines.

‘Bitter’ is the intro of the same-titled album and it prepares the scene for ‘Breathing’. The tune is a hammering and rhythm-focussed rocker, showing that Corroded is still into alternative rock although the band sounds heavier on ‘Bitter’.

The modern metal riff monster ‘Cross’ is a perfect example. It’s a heavy pounding metal track that comes with a modern expression. In case you think that this might be more of an exception I can tell you that it’s not, with ‘Burn’ picking it up right where ‘Cross’ ended.

‘Black’ shows that Corroded also listens to Type O’Negative here and there. Influences can’t be denied, especially in the chorus. There is no real bad song on the album, but there is no real wow moment either. Each of the twelve songs is well-done but also misses a certain own sound expression. All in all, it’s good quality and the album is entertaining too. Just don’t expect too much new and jaw-dropping moment. I think the word for it is ‘solid’.



  1. Bitter
  2. Breathing
  3. Cross
  4. Burn
  5. Black
  6. Testament
  7. Scream
  8. Cyanide
  9. Destruction
  10. Time
  11. Drown
  12. War

Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: January 25th, 2019



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