CD review RIVAL SONS ‘Feral Roots’

(9/10) Rival Sons is one of the rising stars that constantly shone brighter over the last 10 years. The quartet premiered in 2009 and since then each new longplayer scored better than the previous one.

‘Hollow Bones’ was the latest and greatest in Rival Sons discography with chart entries in many countries. Now it’s up to the ‘Feral Roots’ to continue this successful journey story by adding a new leg to it.

Rival Sons’ sixth longplayer features eleven songs, all with a bluesy and classic rock vibe. It’s not that the fourpiece changed a lot when it comes to their generic style and sound. Also the fact that the production was done by Dave Cobb underlines the fact that it’s more the smaller tweaks and variations that make the difference.

Key ingredients of Rival Sons’ unique sound are Jay Buchanan soulful, but also powerful vocals. His voice carries so much feel, regardless if we’re talking about the heavy tunes like ‘Sugar on the Bone’ or touching moments of which the title track is one of – a true masterpiece by the way.

Next to the great vocals it’s Scott Holiday’s singing guitar that enriches each of the tracks and goes in perfect harmony with Buchanan’s vocals. Basically, you can drop the needle wherever you want, it’s always a moment of joy and great music you get in return. The grooving ‘Stood By Me’ and the furious ‘Back in the Woods’ are excellent rock songs you shouldn’t miss.

‘Feral Roots’ is an album that showcases a band that gets better and better with each record released. Rival Sons’ sixth longplayer is the best one to date and I’m sure the success story will continue with many more chapters.



1. Do Your Worst
2. Sugar on the Bone
3. Back in the Woods
4. Look Away
5. Feral Roots
6. Too Bad
7. Stood By Me
8. Imperial Joy
9. All Directions
10. End of Forever
11. Shooting Stars

Label: Low Country Sound / Atlantic

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: January 25th, 2019



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