CD review LOVEBITES ‘Clockwork Immortality’

(6/10) Oh boy, this album is a real curveball and I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Lovebites. In case you haven’t heard of the band before the band name might make you think about a hard rock outfit. The moniker would fit perfect but it’s actually misleading. Lovebites are into melodic power metal. So far so good.

Lovebites is a quintet consisting of Asami, Midori, Miyako, Miho and Haruna and yes, it’s a Japanese band. The five girls are the new rising star in the East and premiered with ‘Awakening from Abyss’ is 2017. 

Two years later the sophomore release ‘Clockwork Immortality’ hits the shelves, an album comprising of 10 songs.

Lovebites music is very much inspired by Scandinavian metal a la Nightwish and Co.  Bombast merged with a high-pace is the basic pillar of Lovebites sound. Together with catchy melodies, things become quite attractive for ears and mind.

Tracks like ‘Empty Daydream’ are actually not too bad. After having pushed the pedal really hard with the first three songs, it’s the mentioned ‘Empty Daydream’ that convinces with a more moderate tempo. Singer Asami’s voice fits perfectly with this kind of songs and the same goes for the cinematic closer ‘Epilogue’.

What works less good are the speedy tunes, which unfortunately dominate the album. I could get rid of the feeling that the band members are ahead of themselves with the five girls having trouble to handle their self-created pace.

Last but not least there is ‘M.D.O.’, a song with a thrashy approach. This tune doesn’t do anything for the band, sounds scattered and is a monotonous low-light on ‘Clockwork Immortality’

To sum up: Lovebites has actually some potential and some of the tracks on this album can compete with similar sounds hailing from Finland and Sweden. The five girls are on a search journey to define their own sound and let’s see how far things get. Right now a solid EP probabaly would have done the job.



  1. Addicted
  2. Pledge of the Saviour
  3. Rising
  4. Empty Daydream
  5. Mastermind 01
  6. M.D.O.
  7. Journey to the Otherside
  8. The Final Collision
  9. We the United
  10. Epilogue

Label: Arising Empire

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: December 7th, 2018



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