CD review REVERENCE ‘Vengeance is … Live’

(8/10) Detroit-based powerhouse Reverence comprises of musicians, known from bands like Savatage, Tokyo Blade and others. Reverence, that’s Scott Oliva (v), Bryan Holland (g), Steve Wacholz (d), Paul Kleff (g) and Russ Pzutto. 

The quintet began in 2010 and released a first EP named ‘Gatekeeper’ in 2011. Furthermore the band published two longplayers and 2018 is the year of a first live release. ‘Vengeance is … Live’ will arrive at the record stores in early December and comprises of 15 songs.

The setlist of this live album gives a good overview on the bands musical deliveries up to date. Songs from the two longplayers are the base for the setlist and also the latest EP ‘Forever’ is represented by three songs.  Last but not least it’s an Iron Maiden cover and Savatage’s “Power of the Night’ that complete this energetic release.

Talking about ‘energy’. ‘Vengeance is … Live’ is an extremely powerful live album. What comes out of the speakers is a real blast. It’s literally power metal in the best meaning of the word. Fans of well-crafted metal should definitely check out this album. Real ‘headbanger ammunition’.



1. When Darkness Calls
2. Until My Dying Breath
3. FireLord
4. Angel In Black
5. Too Late
6. Bleed For Me
7. New Order
8. Gods Of War
9. Power Of The Night  (Savatage cover)
10. The Price You Pay
11. Race To Obscene
12. Phoenix Rising
13. Vengeance Is Mine
14. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)
15. Revolution Rising

Label: ROAR!

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: December 7th, 2018

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