Live report WITHIN TEMPTATION / EGO KILL TALENT, AFAS, Amsterdam – 24.11.2018

Within Temptation belongs without any doubt to the spearhead of symphonic metal. The Dutch powerhouse premiered with ‘Enter’ in 1997 and since then the band established itself as one of the most impactful female-fronted metal outfits.

The latest album ‘Hydra went right into the top 10 album charts and became the most successful release of the Dutch sextet to date. This was in 2014 and after having been on tour for many months and also having had a break afterwards, Within Temptation returns in 2018 with a new album. ‘Resist’ was planned to be released mid December, but is re-scheduled for February 1st. 

Therefor it’s the shows in 2018, being an appetizer for the new album. The setlist of the Amsterdam show comprises of five new songs, three of them being the glorious starting triple.

Within Temptation performs two shows at AFAS Live in Amsterdam of which the Saturday concert is number two. The band starts with the new ‘Raise the Banner’ into their 100 min. set. The song is a mighty one with some growls being the prefect counterpart to Sharon den Adel’s voice. This new hymn is an excellent beginning of a great set. ‘The Reckoning’ is next and shows an increase in heaviness. Great vocal lines are combined with heavy riffpower, both being the crucial elements of Within Temptation’s sound. 

‘Endless War’ is the third new tune that night and it’s obvious that fans like the new material, although they need to get used to it. After a lot of new stuff it’s ‘In the Middle of the Night’ that builds the bridge to the previous Within Temptation classics.  Within Temptation smashers like ‘Shot in the Dark’ turned the venue into a madhouse and the same goes for ‘Faster’, linked to Dutch formula 1 hero Max Verstappen and his race the day after.

Other highlights of the night is the acoustic interpretation of the famous ‘Ice Queen’. The re-arranged version is a touching moment with a lot of feel.  Furthermore, the new ‘Supernova’ includes big choir sections, ‘Paradise (What ABout Us?)’ is done with Tarja as a projection and the grande finale is still to come.

The grandiose version of ‘Stairways to the Skies’  is the last song of a show that wowed. Not only that the song itself belongs to the best ones the band ever wrote, it’s also the visual realisation that’s impressive, with Sharon Den Adel ‘ascending to the the skies’, or better said, above the stage. 

After having had a break, Within Temptation is back with full force. The band’s a bit heavier and darker than what we know from the latest albums, but it fits extremely well. Within Temptation underlines in an impressive fashion that the band still belongs to the Champions League of symphonic metal.

Last but not least, and not to forget, the support act that night. Brazilian alternative rockers Ego Kill Talent does their best to warm up everybody in the sold-out venue. They quintet worked hard and they partly succeeded. No doubt, everybody came that night for the main act, esp. since it was home game show for Within Temptation. However, Ego Kill Talent offers some well-done songs within their 40 minutes set, but I doubt that a lot of people remembered them when leaving the venue into a crispy cold night.


Raise the Banner
The Reckoning
Endless War
In the Middle of the Night
Stand My Ground
All  I Need
Shot in the Dark
The Promise
Ice Queen
Mercy Mirror
Paradise (What About Us?)
The Heart of Everything
What Have You Done
Mother Earth
Stairway to the Skies

Location: AFAS Live, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: November 24th, 2018

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