CD review ELUVEITIE ‘Slania’ – (10 years release)

(*/10) Swiss folk metaller Eluveitie released their sophomore album ‘Slania’ in 2008. The album was the springboard to growing success and a wider fanbase. The band worked hard and could harvest positive feedback from media and fans in return, leading towards a great career in metal.

This year the album has its 10th anniversary and what is more obvious than celebrating this milestone with a re-release. Next to the original album tracks the 10 years anniversary edition also includes bonus tracks and extra goodies. 

‘Samon’ comes in an acoustic version and some demo versions made it on this re-release too. Last but not least the album contains a six minutes interview with Slania in Celtic language and translated to English.

This re-release is a nice way of bringing memories back. However, in case you call yourself an owner of the original album you might not find enough benefits for going for this re-release also. The ones that didn’t took notice of the Swiss band at the time have now a chance to chatch-up.


01. Samon
02. Primordial Breath
03. Inis Mona
04. Grey Sublime Archon
05. Anagantios
06. Bloodstained Ground
07. The Somber Lay
08. Slania’s Song
09. Giamonios
10. Tarvos
11. Calling The Rain
12. Elembivos

13. Samon (Acoustic Version)
14. Interview With Slania
Samon (demo)
16. Primordial Breath (demo)
17. Inis Mona (demo)
18. Bloodstained Ground (demo)
19. Tarvos (demo)

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Folk Metal

Release Date EU: November 16th, 2018

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