CD review EQUILIBRIUM ‘Renegades’

(8/10) German metallers Equilibrium are a band that doesn't stand still, a fact that helped them to establish themselves in Metal and by also benefiting from a growing fan base. The guys began in 2001 and it was Rene Bartholomew who kick-started Equilibrium together with Helge Stang, Sandra Volkl and Andreas Volkl. Today Barthlaume is... Continue Reading →

CD review HELRUNAR ‘Vanitas Vanitatvm’

(8/10) ‘Vanitas Vanitatvm’ is the title of Helrunar’s next studio album. The German masters of pagan metal created a 11 songs comprising album that has it’s inspiration from bands like the legendary Bathory. What’s fascinating with Herunar is the fact that the band doesn’t solely focus on simpleminded speed. Helrunar takes thing much further and... Continue Reading →

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